Most Realistic Escape Rooms in Houston


Experience Escape Rooms like no other in Houston. You will be totally immersed in your themed and highly realisitic series of puzzle rooms.  During your play you and your group will believe you are truly in the experience. With only 60 minutes, you must work together to explore using instinct, critical thinking and logic to solve puzzles, crack codes, find secret passages, and uncover hidden mysteries. As you race against the clock to solve the puzzle.

During this time you get up to 3 clues from the game moderators.  The faster you solve the game, using as few clues as possible the higher you will rank on our leaderboard.  After playing you can compare our your results to see how you did against other players.

4 Escape Rooms to choose from

Escape The Titanic Houston Escape Room

Escape The Titanic

You and other passengers are enjoying a wonderful voyage on the majestic Titanic on April 14, 1912. While you were in your state room the blowing of the ships horn gave warning of imminent danger. "ICEBERG", was heard by fellow passengers, the ship is sinking. You have one hour to make it to the lifeboats.
Rameses Revenge Houston Escape Room

Rameses Revenge

You and your team are in Egypt, city of Memphis at the Valley of the Kings. You discover an ancient dig site. As you enter, it closes behind you. You have one hour to escape or forever be entombed.
Quarantine Houston Escape Room


You and your team enter a government biological laboratory known as G.O.L.D. As you enter the laboratory you and your team are exposed to a biological Pathogen. This pathogen turns anyon infected into the living dead. You have one hour to search this bloody and gory mess of a lab to find your cure.
Studio Wonderland Disco Houston Escape Room

Studio Wonderland

70s Disco Era was a unforgettable part of America's History. Your going back in time to relive it. Your friend Don Davolta has been kidnapped by the Mob. They have set his ransom at $10,000. You and your companions must find a way to come up with $10,000 inside the famous Studio Wonderland to pay Don Davolta’s ransom in order to rescue him and save the day.
Escape It Houston Escape Rooms, Puzzles, Exit Games

Most Realistic Escape Games in Texas
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