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Pandemic Escape Room at Escape It Houston
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7620 Katy Fwy #110
Houston, TX 77024

You and your team enter a government biological laboratory known as G.O.L.D. As you enter the laboratory you and your team are exposed to a biological Pathogen. This pathogen turns anyone infected into the living dead. You have one hour to search this bloody and gory mess of a lab to find your cure. Will you survive Pandemic? Mankind is counting on you!

Escape Room Leaderboard

Teams are given up to 3 clues. Each clue results in a 10 minute penalty in calculating their final score
RankDateTeam NameTimeClues
#1Jan, 18, 2021Team Cure48:042
#2Apr, 18, 2021Phung Fam 39:273
#3Apr, 10, 2021Steph and Pat52:082
#4Apr, 8, 2021RamRod43:583
#5Apr, 9, 2021The Blimps57:502
#6Apr, 8, 20214 Trey 247:573
#7Apr, 3, 2021The Whiskey River Raiders48:073
#8Apr, 2, 2021Free Britney!50:583
#9Apr, 10, 2021Beauty and The Beast52:573
#10Apr, 11, 20213:15 Pandemic54:043
#11Jan, 1, 20214:45 Pandemic55:343
#12Apr, 11, 2021Fab 457:283
#13Apr, 1, 20217:15 Pandemic58:593
#14Apr, 11, 20219:15 Pandemic59:573
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