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Leonardo Da Vinci is regarded as one of the greatest minds in human history. As an accomplished artist, scholar, mathematician and scientist; this renaissance man is seemed to have an unexplained insight into the universe. Modern day scholars continue to unlock Da Vinci's secret messages from the past and predictions for the future. Take an hour to explore his art gallery and unlock the mysteries of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Escape Room Leaderboard

Teams are given up to 3 clues. Each clue results in a 10 minute penalty in calculating their final score
RankDateTeam NameTimeClues
#1Apr, 3, 2021Austin2 & the 6 Aopstles 33:160
#2Apr, 10, 20216:30 DaVinci39:210
#3Apr, 15, 2021DUBS Noodle Squash50:300
#4Apr, 3, 20215pm Da Vinci41:532
#5Apr, 16, 2021That Escape Couple45:202
#6Apr, 3, 2021PBS47:372
#7Apr, 17, 2021Unicorn Wizards48:252
#8Apr, 2, 2021No Drama Mamma's50:002
#9Apr, 4, 2021Breakiron43:343
#10Apr, 18, 2021Parent Power45:453
#11Apr, 17, 2021Spice Gurls47:293
#12Apr, 11, 20219:30 Davinci57:302
#13Apr, 10, 2021Team Neak48:003
#14Apr, 8, 2021Chopstix49:523
#15Apr, 11, 2021Team 3 & a half50:563
#16Apr, 8, 20214 Trey52:313
#17Apr, 9, 20218pm Da Vinci55:163
#18Apr, 10, 202111pm Da Vinci55:183
#19Apr, 18, 202111pm Da Vinci55:573
#20Apr, 18, 2021The Newly Weds56:303
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