East Location in Humble TX

Escape It Houston East Location in Humble Texas
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Escape Rooms at our East Location

11501 N Sam Houston PKWY E. Suite B, Humble, TX 77396

Rameses Revenge Houston Escape Room

Rameses Revenge

East Location in Humble
You and your team are exploring the tombs of Egypt at the Valley of the Kings. As you are entering the tomb presumed to be that of Rameses the Second, it closes behind you and a curse is unleashed upon you all. You must now work together to lift the curse or remain entombed for all eternity! Rameses Revenge a fun experience for both experienced and inexperienced players. 

Escape the Titanic Houston Escape Room

Escape the Titanic

East Location in Humble
A grand tour of the Titanic turns into a race against the clock. As the ships horn blows announcing danger a voice is heard soon after, ICEBERG! You and your crew members must now solve your way into the life boats, but with so many puzzles to solve can you make it before a hour or will you go down with the ship? Try your luck in Escape the Titanic, one of our most challenging experiences yet. 

Screams from Below Escape Room Houston

Screams from Below

East Location in Humble
One of the most intense and immersive escape rooms ever built.
NOT FOR KIDS! Recommend 18+.
While exploring an abandoned warehouse you hear faint screams from below. You realize you've stumbled across the hide out, of the mass killer known as The Hand Collector. You must find your escape as fast as possible before The Hand Collector finds you! Games requires 3+ players to play

Escape Frankenstein's Laboratory

Escape Frankenstein's Laboratory

East Location in Humble
You are in the castle of Dr Frankenstein, and you discover his uncompleted monster.  You must finish his monster before Dr Frankenstein's return, or he will harvest your organs for his next abomination.  You have 30 minutes to complete his creation.

Club Axe Throwing

Club Axe Throwing (This is not an escape room)

East Location in Humble

Must be 18+

Axe Throwing is harder than it sounds. It takes the right touch and amount of power to make an axe stick to the target. Our upcoming Axe Throwing attraction is set in a modern lounge atmosphere. Enjoy Music Lights and Adult Beverages as you take turns throwing regulation 2 lb Axes at the Black Light target.
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East Location
11501 N Sam Houston PKWY E. Suite B
Humble, TX 77396
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