Apollo 13

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Apollo 13 Escape Room at Escape It Houston
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7620 Katy Fwy #110
Houston, TX 77024

"Houston, we have a problem", You and your crew: Commander, Pilot, Navigator, and Engineer are aboard Apollo 13. Two Days into your lunar mission the oxygen tank in the service module explodes! Your crew has 30 minutes to stabilize the lunar module and prepare for reentry into the earth's atmosphere, if you fail you will most likely perish.

Escape Room Leaderboard

Teams are given up to 3 clues. Each clue results in a 10 minute penalty in calculating their final score
RankDateTeam NameTimeClues
#1Jan, 1, 2021Dream team14:070
#2Apr, 3, 2021Au-Stronauts20:250
#3Apr, 11, 20218:15 Apollo27:000
#4Apr, 11, 2021Ballers18:301
#5Apr, 16, 2021That Escape Couple25:152
#6Apr, 14, 2021Loulling27:152
#7Apr, 17, 2021Team Saturn 519:353
#8Apr, 17, 2021Team 13 eyes22:023
#9Apr, 17, 2021Team Kimbo23:573
#10Apr, 16, 20218:15 Apollo 1325:003
#11Apr, 3, 2021Dysfunctional26:293
#12Apr, 11, 2021Candy27:123
#13Apr, 2, 20218:30 Apollo27:293
#14Apr, 3, 20214:30 Apollo27:523
#15Apr, 4, 2021M&M's28:273
#16Apr, 4, 2021Walking Royalty28:293
#17Apr, 18, 2021Team Moore Dubs29:413
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